Everyone is creative. Everyone has something valuable to share. By creating and sharing together, we can breakthrough barriers to transform the way we connect. 

Impact Mākars inspires to remix the way humanity creates, collaborates, and communicates through creative expression. Our remix starts with Mākarshops.

*Mākar (pronounced ‘may-ker’) is a synonym for creative artist/poet. It’s from the word ‘Makarios’, meaning ‘happiness, fortunate, and spiritual prosperity’.  


Mākarshops are music-infused poetry workshops that inspire your team to think creatively, share openly, and connect authentically. 

•Participants engage in writing poems in a collaborative team-based format about custom topics to reflect, share stories, and create connection. 

•Poems are used to facilitate meaningful conversations for your team to discover new perspectives, express ideas, and remix mindsets.

•Mākarshops provide insights for your team to inspire change in thought, feeling, and expression to co-create better experiences.

We provide the Mākarshop experience for your team’s…
Events: networking, mixers, celebrations, community socials
Meetings: trainings, team building, wellness, focus groups
Conferences: kickoffs, energizers, lunch breakouts
Community Engagement: building trust and relationships


After your Mākarshop experience, we create Mākarzines. Mākarzines are beautifully designed visual albums that feature the creative content produced from your Mākarshop experience. 

Mākarzine content is used to continue and expand engagement to connect with your audience in a fun and innovative way. Mākarzines showcase voices so they are heard, appreciated, and celebrated.

Mākarzines engage your audiences… 
Internally: meetings, conferences, trainings
Externally: social media, annual reports, newsletters, campaigns/ads

Experience Mākarshops Now!
Are you ready to create space for your team to engage, share, and connect through a Mākarshop experience? Let’s create together.