We aim to boost engagement, activate innovation, and enhance the employee experience using spoken word poetry workshops. 

No one should have to sacrifice their identity for a paycheck. We believe creative expression improves workplace communication to create a fun culture where employees are happy and have a sense of purpose.

Mākar is a synonym for creative artist/poet. It is derived from the Greek word “Makarios”, which means happiness.

Mākarshops™ are customized professional development workshops that empower employee voice through spoken word poetry communication techniques. Employees learn how to express their thoughts, emotions, and ideas in the workplace to solve cultural challenges to improve engagement, inclusion, and retention. Mākarshoppers (Mākarshop participants) co-create and perform their own spoken word pieces. 

Once all Mākarshop sessions are completed, clients receive their own digital Mākarzine™. Mākarzines are collections of Mākarshop poems and reflections summarizing the findings and insights from the data collected during the Mākarshop. That’s right. Impact Mākars designs a custom product using the original content created by the Mākarshoppers.

Mākarzines allow leadership and management teams to better understand their employees to implement innovative workplace practices to boost engagement.

Are you looking for a cutting edge experience to engage your employees? You are one Mākarshop away from making an impact.