Impact Mākars is a lifestyle brand founded by Isaiah Mākar, that provides innovative experiences and products to inspire and connect people with their creative spirit.

We believe creativity is a human resource. Everyone is creative. When people feel connected to the creative source, they discover peace and happiness is within.

Our mission is to inspire and expand the creative spirit in every person. Everywhere. Every day.


Mākarshops are music-infused poetry workshops that inspire participants to unleash their creativity, create authentic connection, and boost happiness.

Mākarshops are gamified, creating a fun team-building experience that sparks play and joy in each participant.

•Isaiah creates personalized content for your Mākarshop experience to spark creativity within your participants.

Participants engage in meaningful reflection exercises that prepare them to write community poems in a fun, gamified format. We play music to provide inspiration and support for your participants during their creative process.

•During the Mākarshop experience, participants are encouraged to share any thoughts, feelings, ideas, and aha moments. Participants write them down on blue sheets of paper, ball them up, and toss them to the front of the room.

These are Mākarshop notifications. Mākarshops encourage participants to open up, share, and learn more about themselves. Notifications are anonymous and used for creative engagement to spark meaningful community discussions (see Mākarzines).

•The Mākarshop experience ends with a mini-poetry slam. We create a fun and safe community space for participants to be themselves. Mākarshops inspire self-reflection,
self-expression, and self-discovery. Together, we create a new sense of self-awareness to improve well-being.

•Participants and their creative expressions feel seen, heard, and valued. No prior poetry writing experience is needed. Mākarshops are designed for everyone.

The Mākarshop experience is perfect for your
Events: networking, social mixers, celebrations
Meetings: leadership trainings, team building, wellness
Conferences: kickoffs, energizers, lunch breakouts
Community: building trust, relationships, group discussions

Many organizations have experienced Mākarshops including 
Yelp | SHRM | Grainger | Grant Thornton | Thresholds | UIC

Katie Ross | Senior Director of Human Resources

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Isaiah Mākar connected with our audience like no speaker I have ever seen before. Isaiah’s use of poetry concepts in the workplace puts a whole new set of tools in our toolbox for building confidence and rapport among team members, generating new ideas, and problem-solving in groups. Isaiah is an inspiring thought-leader with a gift for helping people think creatively, tell compelling stories, and take risks, all essential elements in becoming more innovative in our work.

Anonymous | Senior Business Systems Analyst

Grainger Inc.

I would jump at the opportunity to participate in another one of Isaiah’s Mākarshops! His spoken word poetry left me feeling
inspired. I’d love to do this Mākarshop with my work team. I think it would unleash our creativity and bond us as teammates. A bit of vulnerability does wonders for connecting people and improving mindsets. Isaiah’s Mākarshop did just that.

Darrin Wilstead | Senior Program Director

The Point Foundation

The Mākarshop was a deeply meaningful team building exercise that helped us learn more about ourselves and each other. When Isaiah is in front of the room, his passion is palpable and contagious, rendering him a dynamic leader.

Rosy Garibay | Community Engagement and Equity Coordinator


Our crowd really loved tapping into their creativity and collaborating with others in a casual, low-stakes environment that Isaiah created for them. It was so great to watch community partners make authentically human, non-scripted connections with people they have only ever had professional partnerships with. Isaiah did a phenomenal job holding this container for everyone in the room!

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