Poetically Humanizing Workplace Communication.


What Participants Are Saying About Mākarshops

“His use of poetry concepts in the workplace puts a whole new set of tools in our toolbox for building confidence and rapport among team members, generating new ideas, and problem-solving in groups. His fresh take on emotional intelligence at work gave us an entirely new way to think about how we conduct ourselves and support each other as professionals…”

Katie Ross
(Senior Director, Human Resources, University of Illinois, 2015 – 2018 Board Member, Illinois College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (IL CUPA-HR) )

“I’d love to do this Mākarshop with my work team. I think it would unleash our creativity and bond us as teammates. A bit of vulnerability does wonders for connecting people and improving mindsets. Isaiah’s Mākarshop did just that.”

Jaclyn Nora
(Senior Business Systems Analyst, Grainger Inc.)

“Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to this session, but within minutes I was captivated and engaged….It was interesting how creativity can open individuals up more and really enjoy a team building experience. Would love to use this in department meetings. Honored to experience this.”

Melanie Lewis
(Benefits Coordinator, Parkland College)

“…From millennial college students to Gen X/Y professionals and elder citizens – yet Isaiah was able to effectively command full attention from everyone in the room and successfully guide them through the exercises with ease…the Mākarshop was a deeply meaningful team building exercise that helped us learn more about ourselves and each other…his passion is palpable and contagious, rendering him a dynamic leader.”

Darrin Wilstead
(Senior Program Director, Point Foundation)

“Not only did the participants connect with his story of growing a business from passion (and an unknown passion at that), they also were inspired by the instructional techniques presented. Isaiah led his session the way all presenters should, by modeling. He had participants smiling and hanging on every word – especially when he launched into an improvised rap! These performances were the perfect way to close out the session and spotlight the value of storytelling and spoken word in education.”

Sara Burnett
(Member Success Coach, Uncharted Learning)