Impact Mākars’ Story

In 2009, Isaiah Mākar (Founder of Impact Mākars™), performed in his third spoken word poetry showcase during his senior year at Oak Park and River Forest High School. A week later, the stress of working in Human Resources took a toll on his mother and she had a near fatal stroke. 

Taking the coping and communication skills he learned through spoken word poetry, Isaiah was able to overcome adversity while learning about himself and others. He realized the power of creativity and the importance of making sure work is a form of self-care. Understanding how stress impacts our ability to communicate and perform, Isaiah decided to combine the experience of his mother’s stroke, being a caretaker, and spoken word poetry to create Impact Mākars™*.

*Mākar is a synonym for “creative artists/poet”. It is derived from the Greek word “Makarios”, which means “happiness”.


Impact Mākars empowers employees in high stress level working environments to perform better by teaching them transferable communication skills through spoken word poetry. The Mākar Method™ that Isaiah developed uses creativity to humanize the workplace and create an engaging company culture.


Impact Mākars was founded on the belief that you should not have to sacrifice your identity or peace of mind for a paycheck. Isaiah aims to shift and improve communication in the workplace poetically and therapeutically.


Isaiah’s long-term vision is to re-structure Impact Mākars into a social enterprise to open up Mākar Stadium, a cross-interdisciplinary performing arts training facility focused on transferable communication skill development for career advancement. 

Version 1 mock-up of the Impact Mākars cross-interdisciplinary performing arts training facility, Mākar Stadium.

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