What Is ‘Employee Voice’?
Handbook of Research on Employee Voice (2014) states, “The term ’employee voice’ refers to the ways and means through which employees can attempt to have a say and influence organizational issues that affect their work and the interests of managers and owners.” When employees feel like their voices are not valued, communication barriers begin to form. Some communication barriers are stress, fear, and distrust, which creates employee silence. Employee silence prevents employees from sharing helpful information with their teams such as ideas, feedback, and concerns that can improve relationships, productivity, and culture for retention purposes.

Impact Mākars humanizes workplace communication by empowering employee voice through spoken word poetry™. Spoken word poetry allows employees to express and share their true perceptions about how they feel about their work environment and roles they play within them. By quickly identifying culture challenges, companies can begin to implement changes sooner to improve morale and the workplace environment to increase engagement and retention.

Mākar is a synonym for creative artist/poet. It is derived from the Greek word “Makarios”, which means happiness.

Isaiah Mākar founded Impact Mākars with the belief that no one should have to sacrifice their identity for a paycheck. We believe creative expression improves workplace communication to create a fun culture where employees are happy and have a sense of purpose. 

After witnessing his mom’s near-fatal stroke,
Isaiah inspires individuals to choose a career
that makes them happy.