Human Connection Through Creative Expression

Mākarshops are music-infused poetry workshops that inspire your participants to reflect in meaningful ways, explore their creativity, and create human connection.

Each Mākarshop experience is co-created with Isaiah Mākar.

The co-creation process starts with you.

•Isaiah engages in a conversation with your team to explore which themes work best for your Mākarshop experience. We will ask you questions and listen to your vision to design the best Mākarshop experience for your participants.

•From the conversation, Isaiah creates reflection themes, starter lines, and a playlist for your Mākarshop experience. The reflection themes, starter lines, and playlist are customized based on our conversation to create the best Mākarshop experience for your participants.

•Mākarshops inspire self-awareness. Participants feel engaged and creative in an environment that is fun, safe, and supportive. No prior poetry writing experience is needed. Mākarshops are designed for everyone    

The Mākarshop experience is perfect for your
Events: networking, social mixers, celebrations
Meetings: leadership trainings, team building, wellness
Conferences: kickoffs, energizers, lunch breakouts
Community: building trust, creating relationships, generating ideas

Mākarshops have been experienced by many organizations including 
Yelp | SHRM | Grainger | Grant Thornton | Thresholds | UIC

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