What Is a Mākarshop™?

Mākarshops are customized professional development workshops that empower employee voice through spoken word poetry communication techniques. Employees learn how to express their thoughts, emotions, and ideas in the workplace to solve cultural challenges to improve engagement, inclusion, and retention. Mākarshops help leadership and management teams understand what matters most to their employees to design practices to create better experiences. 

Each Mākarshop has three parts: a performance, a presentation, and a workshop.

Performance: Kicking off the Mākarshop in high energy, the spoken word performance creatively introduces the Mākarshop topic.  

Presentation: A breakdown of the Mākarshop topic that teaches communication techniques for participants to apply in the workshop and the workplace.   

Workshop: An interactive team-based creative session where participants co-create spoken word poetry to apply the communication techniques inside and outside the workplace.

Why Do Mākarshops Work?

Unlike traditional workshops, which use archaic methods to “push” information onto participants, Mākarshops use spoken word poetry techniques to “pull” information out. This reverse approach allows participants to explore untapped parts of themselves and build meaningful relationships through spoken word poetry.

Spoken word poetry is a raw and engaging performance art form that blends elements of theater and rhetorical devices into an expressive storytelling message. Using skills in brainstorming, creative writing, feedback, editing, memorization and public speaking, the process of creating spoken word poetry inspires employees to open up to different perspectives of their work environment. 

Mākarshops’ cross-interdisciplinary approach uses spoken word poetry to: 

— Develop a culture awareness and sense of identity.

— Reduce identity stress and anxiety that typically influences communication and behavior. 

— Produce creative communication skills to connect with diverse backgrounds.

Mākarshops are fun, engaging, and open participants up by breaking down communication barriers allowing them to share more than they typically would in traditional workshops and surveys. Mākarshops inspire organizations to be creative, innovative, and collaborative to drive better team performance. 

Benefits of Mākarshops

Because Mākarshops are customized by team needs the benefits vary. Here are 15 primary takeaways participants can select from:

1. Creating Awareness of Team Culture Needs
2. Understanding Self and Co-Workers
3. Relieving Work Place Stress
4. Fostering Intentionality and Empathy
5. Generating Creative Problem Solving Skills

6. Curating Open Dialogue and Conversation Around Sensitive Topics

7. Transforming Adversity and Vulnerability to Your Advantage
8. Strengthening Social and Emotional Intelligence 
9. Activating Design Thinking and Meaning Interpretation Skills  

10. Developing Engaging Public Speaking Skills

11. Sharpening Active Listening and Feedback Skills
12. Modernizing Communication To Engage Young and Diverse Audiences
13. Exercising Conceptual Cognition and Imagination Skills

14. Learning Unique Storytelling Delivery Skills
15. Simplifying and Reducing Your Message to Make It Memorable    

Best Mākarshop Use-Cases

— On-boarding & New Hire Orientations
— Team Building Staff Retreats
— Leadership Trainings
— Conferences: Kickoffs & Energizers
— Department Meetings
— Wellness Sessions
— Feedback & Ideation Sessions
— Events: Open Mics & Poetry Slams 

We use the original content created by employees during Mākarshops to design an innovative product for clients.