“Isaiah Mākar connected with our audience like no speaker I have ever seen before. He had almost 200 HR professionals of every experience level riveted and engaged, and within moments they were calling out answers, snapping their fingers, brainstorming, tossing questions at him (literally tossing them on balled up paper), and writing poetry – yes, poetry! His use of poetry concepts in the workplace puts a whole new set of tools in our toolbox for building confidence and rapport among team members, generating new ideas, and problem-solving in groups. His fresh take on emotional intelligence at work gave us an entirely new way to think about how we conduct ourselves and support each other as professionals. Isaiah Mākar is an inspiring thought-leader and a supremely talented spoken word artist with a gift for helping people think creatively, tell compelling stories, and take risks, all essential elements in becoming more innovative in our work.”

Katie Ross
(Human Resources Senior Director, University of Illinois)

“We invited Isaiah to lead a Mākarshop at Point Foundation’s Regional Leadership Forum in Chicago. The range of our participants’ ages ran the full gamut – from millennial college students to Gen X/Y professionals and elder citizens – yet Isaiah was able to effectively command full attention from everyone in the room and successfully guide them through the exercises with ease. Some participants admitted they had never composed a poem, but Isaiah was able to immerse each person in exercises that allowed them reflect upon their personal narrative and compose poetry to share with the group. The workshop was a deeply meaningful team building exercise that helped us learn more about ourselves and each other. When Isaiah is in front of the room, his passion is palpable and contagious, rendering him a dynamic leader.”

Darrin Wilstead
(Senior Program Director, Point Foundation)

“Big Shout Out to Isaiah Mākar and Impact Mākars for inspiring me to pen a spoken word piece for my firm’s spring Town Hall. After Impact Mākars opening at the SHRM March 14th Full Day Conference, “Your Emotions Are Your Employees” Mākarshop, I used poetry to convey a few key messages I want to share with the staff. Isaiah Mākar even edited my poem and provided excellent feedback. My performance was a huge success! I got calls from the California offices saying they see another career for me.  “Get started on the next one for the next Town Hall.”   “I didn’t know you were a poet.”  “I’m sorry you are going to miss the California BBQ/Happy Hour.” “That was really good.”  “Excellent Job!”  *High 5’s*  “I really liked it.”

Thanks again, Impact Mākars.”

Leticia Ransom, SHRM-CP, PHR, MBA
(Human Resources Professional, Valerio Dewalt Train)

“I would jump at the opportunity to participate in another one of Isaiah’s Mākarshops! His spoken word poetry left me feeling inspired. I’d love to do this Mākarshop with my work team. I think it would unleash our creativity and bond us as teammates. A bit of vulnerability does wonders for connecting people and improving mindsets. Isaiah’s workshop did just that.”

Jaclyn Nora
(Senior Business Systems Analyst, Grainger Inc.)

“We invited Isaiah to lead a session at our INCubatoredu National Summit – our annual training and conference for high school entrepreneurship educators. Not only did the participants connect with his story of growing a business from passion (and an unknown passion at that), they also were inspired by the instructional techniques presented. Isaiah led his session the way all presenters should, by modeling. He had participants smiling and hanging on every word – especially when he launched into an improvised rap! Then the room when silent as these educators diligently completed the task of writing their own stories, not knowing that soon they would be the ones performing at the front of the room. These performances were the perfect way to close out the session and spotlight the value of storytelling and spoken word in education. We can’t wait to have Isaiah join us again for a future workshop!

Sara Burnett
(Member Success Coach, Uncharted Learning)

“Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to this session, but within minutes I was captivated and engaged and loved the session. Expectations were far exceeded. It was interesting how creativity can open individuals up more and really enjoy a team building experience. Would love to use this in department meetings. Fantastic method and presentation. Could be a really interesting and engaging topic for faculty and staff. Honored to experience this.”

Melanie Lewis
(Benefits Coordinator, Parkland College)

“Isaiah took the DisruptHR Chicago audience by storm with his innovative storytelling and spoken word. They were captivated by his unique approach and many in our audience said he was one of the best presenters they’ve heard. Isaiah has the ability to command an audience, tell a story and motivate all at the same time.”

Nancy Harris
(Co-Founder, Disrupt-HR Chicago)

“Isaiah’s work is an essential testimony to his life as a student and his creative ability in both writing and performing. Isaiah captured the essence of Dr. Julian in his presentations by sharing what it is like early on, to be blind to the historic presence of Dr. Julian only to have rediscovered for himself the true importance of this famous African-American. Isaiah makes a comfortable connection with his audience to drive home his message.”

Norb Teclaw

(President, Institute for Science Education and Technology)

“All of our speakers have been amazing but the ones that stick out the most to me are “10 HR Commandments: Don’t Think Small. Think BIGGIE” by Isaiah Mākar. First of all, anyone that can rap in front of a room full of people has my vote but there were some great takeaways that he spoke about that we all should give thought to. Including “candidate auditions” for interviews for companies to hire and incentivize based on execution.”

Kelly Burlage
(Global Director of Talent Acquisition, Livingston International)

“We were pleased to work with Isaiah for the culminating event of the 7th annual One Earth Film Festival, where he inspired a full house of sustainability-minded attendees with a powerful spoken word piece about environmental justice he’d written just for our event. His piece was moving, clever, and had hints of humor; his delivery was incredibly powerful. Attendees have already asked for a copy of his piece to share with others. Not only was the product of Isaiah’s work inspiring and beautiful — but he was great to work with. He was professional, dependable, responsive, and conscientious, and we hope to work with him again in the future.”

Ana Garcia Doyle
(Executive Director, One Earth Film Festival)

“Public speaking is an ever-developing lifelong skill. For teachers, it is an everyday reality. Isaiah’s spoken word Mākarshops were tailored to the needs and experiences of our teachers. His strategies and ongoing guidance helped our teachers to practice effective communication in a supportive environment.”

Erin Mackinney, Ph.D
(Professor, Roosevelt University)

“The presentation was great. Put yourself and your personal care before work. Take care of you! Thank you for coming. You brought a different and exciting approach.”

Jennifer Parker
(Business Development Manager, Innovative Staff Solutions)

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