Mākarshops are talent development workshops for employees to relieve stress and practice creative self-care while learning transferable communication skills through spoken word poetry. Each Mākarshop is customized according to company needs in a team based and project paced experiential learning style covering themes such as diversity/inclusion, leadership, recruitment/retention, ethics, and wellness.

Communication Skills & (Application)
Verbal: Overcome the fear of public speaking and delivery edutaining presentations.
Non-Verbal: Manage anxiety better in pressured workplace settings.
Interpersonal: Deliver actionable feedback for 1:1’s.
Intrapersonal: Develop self-efficacy and emotional intelligence.
Macro: Facilitate engaging meetings for large groups.
Micro: Facilitate engaging meetings for small groups.

Mākarshop Duration: 1hr or 2hr (customizable)

Mākar Residency is a series of Mākarshops for organizations committed to transferring and applying the communication skills from spoken word poetry. Over an invested period of time, Mākar Residency focuses on organizations integrating creative poetic practices in work settings such as trainings, meetings, and team outings.

Mākar Residency Duration:  10 hour – 20 hour (customizable)


Mākar Slam is the celebration event where participants perform their spoken word pieces to showcase what they learned from the Mākar Residency. In the process leading up to the Mākar Slam, employees learn how to apply the creative communication skills for recruiting and retaining employees through innovative marketing campaigns, networking events, and on-boarding practices. The Mākar Slam is best for organizations looking to connect with consumers and attract talent that reflects the company’s new engaging culture.

Must complete Mākar Residency before Mākar Slam


The takeaways listed below from the Mākarshops, Mākar Residency, and Mākar Slam are examples of what our participants takeaway from from our services. The Mākar Residency includes takeaways from Mākarshops. The Mākar Slam includes all takeaways.

Activate creative  problem solving

Build team bonding and moral

Improve stress management

Create comfort in discomfort

Develop impromptu thinking

Deliver actionable feedback

Enhance vocal leadership

Facilitate crucial conversations

Establish core values and clear vision

Cope with adversity and adjustments

Attract purpose driven employees

Form meaningful relationships with new hires

Connect with consumers organically

Understand company retention needs

Produce an ethically trustworthy brand


“Isaiah Mākar connected with our audience like no speaker I have ever seen before. He had almost 200 HR professionals of every experience level riveted and engaged.”
(Katie Ross, Senior Director of Human Resources at University of Illinois)

“The workshop was a deeply meaningful team building exercise that helped us learn more about ourselves and each other. When Isaiah is in front of the room,his passion is palpable and contagious, rendering him a dynamic leader.”
(Darrin Wilstead, Senior Program Director of the Point Foundation)

“Isaiah took the DisruptHR Chicago audience by storm with his innovative storytelling and spoken word. They were captivated by his unique approach and many in our audience said he was one of the best presenters they’ve heard.”
Nancy Harris, Co-Founder)

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