What Is Spoken Word Poetry?

Spoken word poetry is a raw and engaging performance art form that blends elements of theater and poetry into an expressive storytelling style. Using skills in creative writing, editing, and public speaking, spoken word poetry remixes traditional communication into a modern and therapeutic way of connecting with yourself and others.

What Is a Mākarshop?

Mākarshops are customized professional development workshops that teach transferable spoken word poetry communication techniques for participants to creatively solve workplace and real world challenges while authenticating themselves in the process. 

Each Mākarshop has three parts. Kicking off with a performance, followed by a presentation, and transitions into a workshop.*

Performance: A spoken word poetry demonstration that reflects the Mākarshop topic to showcase the creative writing and public speaking skills.   

Presentation: An introduction to the Mākarshop topic about spoken word poetry’s transferable communication skills to set the stage for the workshop.   

Workshop: An interactive team based creative writing session reflecting the Mākarshop topic for participant to apply the transferable communication skills.

*performances, presentations, and consulting services are also available individually.

How Are Mākarshops Different? 

Unlike traditional workshops, which use archaic methods to “push” information onto participants, Makarshops use spoken word poetry techniques to “pull” information out. This reverse approach allows participants to explore untapped parts of themselves, which opens them up to share more than they typically would in traditional workshops.  

Mākarshops’ cross-interdisciplinary approach uses spoken word poetry to: 

— Develop a culture awareness and sense of identity.
— Reduce identity stress and anxiety that typically influences communication and behavior. 
— Produce creative communication skills to connect with diverse audiences.

Mākarshops Are Great For…

— On-Boarding & New Hire Orientations
— Team Building Staff Retreats
— Leadership Trainings
— Conferences: Kickoffs & Energizers
— Wellness Sessions
— Networking & Recruiting Events

Benefits of Mākarshops

Since Makarshops are customized for individual company needs, benefits vary; however, below are some of the takeaways participants can expect:

How to Relieve Work Place Stress
— Understanding Self and Co-Workers
— Overcoming Adversity 
— Developing Engaging Public Speaking Skills
— Generating Innovative Presentations

— Building Team Trust and Morale
— Learning to Own and Share Your Story
— Generating Impromptu Thinking
— Facilitating Creative Problem Solving
— Curating Open Dialogue and Conversation
— Creating Comfort Out of Vulnerability
— Facing the Fears Holding You Back 

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