Human Connection Through Creative Expression

Mākar-in-Residence is an experiential artist residency. Isaiah creates space for your participants to engage in human connection experiences through a series of immersive Mākarshops, Mākarzines, and experiential events.

Mākar-in-Residence concludes with a fun showcase that celebrates your participants and human connection.

Your Mākar-in-Residence is created with Isaiah Mākar.

The co-creation process starts with you.

•Isaiah engages in a conversation with your team to understand your vision for your Mākar-in-Residence experience.

•From the conversation, Isaiah will create and lead a series of personalized Mākarshops, Mākarzines, and experiential events that engage your participants.

The Mākar-in-Residence experience inspires community. The Mākar-in-Residence experience is designed for teams committed to creating human connection experiences that spark transformation and personal growth.

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