Once all Mākarshop sessions are completed, clients receive their own digital Mākarzine. Mākarzines are collections of Mākarshop poems and reflections summarizing the findings and insights from the data collected during the Mākarshop. This allows leadership and management teams to better understand their employees to implement innovative workplace changes to boost engagement.

Mākarzines provide an innovative marketing tool for organizations to communicate the high level of engagement, collaboration, and innovation that takes place inside their culture to attract talent. Check out the first one below.

Welcome to the world’s first ever human resource poetry zine, Mākarzine: Your Emotions Are Your Employees. Mākarzine: Your Emotions Are Your Employees, introduces a groundbreaking solution to boosting engagement, activating innovation, and creating an inclusive workplace culture by empowering employee voice through spoken word poetry. You will read 30 poems written by HR professionals during a recent Mākarshop* that demonstrates this paradigm-shifting solution.

These poems are anonymous, unedited, unapologetically raw, and have never been read before. Until now. Enjoy!  

Read the Mākarzine below or download a personal copy for free. 

Mākarzine: the world's first ever HR poetry zine.

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