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Isaiah Mākar connected with our audience like no speaker I have ever seen before. He had almost 200 HR professionals of every experience level riveted and engaged, and within moments they were calling out answers, snapping their fingers, brainstorming, tossing questions at him (literally tossing them on balled up paper), and writing poetry – yes, poetry!

His use of poetry concepts in the workplace puts a whole new set of tools in our toolbox for building confidence and rapport among team members, generating new ideas, and problem-solving in groups. His fresh take on emotional intelligence at work gave us an entirely new way to think about how we conduct ourselves and support each other as professionals.”

Katie Ross
Senior Director, Human Resources, University of Illinois
Board Member, Illinois College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (IL CUPA-HR)

“This was TOTALLY different from past and current speakers. I need to dig deeper into my creative side. At work, being the only African American on my team, I tend to just focus on the tasks at hand without offering my ideas because most times they have fell on deaf ears. This was one of the best panels in CUPA-HR history.”

Labor & Employee Relations Coordinator, Top 20 State University

“Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to this session, but within minutes I was captivated and engaged. It was interesting how creativity can open individuals up more and really enjoy a team building experience.”

Melanie Lewis
Benefits Coordinator, Parkland College

“From millennial college students to Gen X/Y professionals and elder citizens, Isaiah was able to effectively command full attention from everyone in the room and successfully guide them through the exercises with ease. Some participants had never composed a poem, but Isaiah was able to immerse each person in exercises that allowed them to reflect upon their personal narrative and compose poetry to share with the group. The workshop was a deeply meaningful team building exercise that helped us learn more about ourselves and each other.”

Darrin Wilstead
Senior Program Director, Point Foundation

“I expected a rapper with a limited message. Because that’s what most rap music is these days. I forgot about the beauty of poetry. The exercise is great for new hire orientation. I hope to make new hire orientation more fun like today!”

Julia Jamison
Benefits Manager, Governors State University

“After the opening Mākarshop at the SHRM conference, I used poetry to convey a few key messages to share with the staff at my organization’s Town Hall meeting. Isaiah Mākar even edited my poem and provided excellent feedback. My performance was a huge success! I got calls from the California offices saying they see another career for me. ‘Get started on the next one for the next Town Hall.’ ‘I didn’t know you were a poet.’ ‘I’m sorry you are going to miss the California BBQ/Happy Hour.’ ‘That was really good.’ ‘Excellent Job!’ *High 5’s* ‘I really liked it.’ Thanks again, Impact Mākars.”

Leticia Ransom
Human Resources Professional, Valerio Dewalt Train

“Brought me out of my shell. Brought everyone together.” 

Bryan Fijalkovich
HR Coordinator, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

“A bit of vulnerability does wonders for connecting people and improving mindsets. Isaiah’s Mākarshop did just that.”

Senior Business Systems Analyst, Fortune 500 company 

A better workplace culture is just one Mākarshop away.